Meet your spirit guide.

Meet your spirit guide.

What happens after we die?

Between Life Soul Regression hypnotherapy (based on the work of Dr. Michael Newton) allows us, as our Higher Self, to access the memory of being pure soul between incarnations. Finding our place in the spirit world initiates a deep process of healing for it provides understanding of the purpose behind significant life choices, and how and why our soul lives eternally.

The spirit realm is one of peace, joy, order, love, compassion and non-judgment. It becomes clear to us that we are deeply loved and cared for by our guides. We understand that some things in our lives which we have labeled failure, can be a success from the viewpoint of the soul. We recognize that we have planned our life challenges, and karma is not punishment, but a neutral, impersonal law designed to help us progress. We see that all paths bring awareness, and it is the lesson that is important, not the path. We learn that the absence of something is meant to teach us its value and meaning, and that when we define ourselves as a soul and not our body, we will experience far less anguish.

A Between Lives Soul Regression always includes a Past Life Regression to the death scene and beyond, through relaxation, guided imagery and hypnosis. A BLSR session is unique to each individual. Our spirit guides determine what we experience during each session, as they know what is for our highest good.


Access your Akashic Records.

Some of the experiences we may receive during a session:
• meeting with spiritual guides and teachers
• an understanding of our current life purpose
• access our Akashic Records
• the state of our soul development
• connection with loved ones in the spiritual realm
• current life/past life relationships
• an understanding of health concerns
• why we may have planned a particular challenge in our life
• undergoing energetic healings, and so much more

Our evolution, like our existence is eternal. The greater our understanding of our spiritual existence, the more effective we are in accelerating our soul evolution.