Going through the tunnel to your past.

Wherever we are on our life’s journey, we are a sum total of our past. Consciously or subconsciously, we bring all of our past experiences, including past life experiences with us to the present. The more we understand our past, the more personally empowered we become in developing to our highest potential.

Accessing past lives through hypnosis can give us new direction, enlarges our perspective and help us to understand ourselves better. Seeing for ourselves that we have lived many other lives, and that our soul continues on to other incarnations, dissolves the fear of death.

Past life regression has great therapeutic value offering holistic healing in our current lives. Studies have repeatedly found that just uncovering past-life issues, is almost always sufficient in resolving them. Clearing blocks, fears, problems and past patterns can heal our physical well-being, our emotional health and our energetic levels. Once these old energies are cleared, we experience profound karmic benefits to our body, mind and spirit, which will function from a lighter, more elevated level.


Ascending to spirit contact therapy.

Combined with Spirit Contact Therapy, meeting our spirit guides and/or angels through a higher level of consciousness (or higher-self), we can gain an understanding of our past life experiences from an eternal perspective. Spirit Guides communicate with us in different ways. Sometimes we feel the message, (clairsentience), sometimes we see the information (clairvoyance), sometimes we hear the information (clairaudience) and sometimes we get an understanding or knowing (claircognisance). When we learn to access our guides and angels, we can receive their guidance on a daily basis through clairsentience. Feelings like joy, peace and excitement indicate we are following our true path, and feelings like fear and doubt are clear indicators that we are not.