“This was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced, and I’m eternally grateful for your beautiful and unique skills. Now that I’ve discovered things about my past, my [issue] is just a little hiccup along the way. I have hope for the future, and every day is a little brighter knowing I have some pretty special people looking out for me. The reassurance is everything I need to get me through this and become my best self. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m looking forward to listening to [my recording] again when I need extra reassurance.”
Elizabeth S, St. Catharines, Ontario

“Marilyn, Thank you so much for what you do, please know that you make a huge difference in this world, you are definitely on the right path and teaching others in your own special way, this is what this world needs.
What an experience! You are truly gifted with your guidance. I did not think that you could hypnotize me, but you did.Thank you so much for the time you spent without rushing, it was so worth it for me.  I will never forget that session. Thank you.”

Rick P, Wainfleet


“Life changing, supporting, healing, revealing, and connecting… it is a joy for me to express the many ways in which Marilyn has facilitated tremendous growth for me through her past life and in-between life regressions.  I am a deeply spiritual individual and I had already experienced a spontaneous past life memory which drew me to take the next step to delve further inside.
Under Marilyn’s skilled guidance, she easily determined how to effectively lead me through the realm of my sub conscious, we were able to reconnect with past lives all the way back to ancient Egypt\Lemuria.  Each experience has been very healing for my soul and as I move forward along my life’s journey I am very grateful to have someone with Marilyn’s knowledge, her encouragement, and acceptance of who I am on my path.  Thank you Marilyn for all of the joy and understanding that you have brought into my life through your practice.  I cannot recommend this experience enough to anyone who is at any level of their life’s journey, it could open doors you may not have even imagined.”
Jaia K, St. Catharines


The experience changed my life completely.  I always believed in reincarnation and past lives, however as a human being that little doubt was always in the back of my mind.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our souls have lived many lives. This was obvious from my regression. To add to this I am totally blind. I have no site so I wasn’t even sure this would work for me.  The things I could see and feel in these three past lives was amazing. It got very emotional at times but Marilyn is a very professional person and we had talked in depth before my regression, so I knew what to expect.
The experience will forever change my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Stephen B.
Grimsby, Ontario

Hello Marilyn, I just wanted to thank you again so much for my session with you. It was wonderful to meet with you and to talk to you. I do not share my private thoughts or feelings very often. I sort of tend to keep to myself. I was also not expecting to share them with you. However your nurturing energy, openness and kindness made me feel comfortable. You definitely have beautiful and unique energy.
Robyn, Niagara Falls, ON


I had an amazing time experiencing a past life regression with Marilyn. She helped me connect with an inner knowledge to better understand myself.

First, Marilyn is a skilled hypnotist who brought me to a level I’ve not previously felt. She took the time necessary to lead me to a very quiet, still place, one where I was fully alert and conscious, and yet somehow disconnected from myself, as if I was standing outside my self. From this perspective I could see objectively, and get a whole new insight.

In this altered state of serenity we can find our answers within us, where they often are buried too deep to get through the clutter of our everyday minds. Are we really witnessing past lives? Or are we uncovering ancestral memories, or accessing levels of genetic instinct? Either way, the wisdom we need is usually there, waiting for a skilled therapist to help us reveal it.

My regression with Marilyn was calming, profound, and healing. The messages I received were clear and necessary, and I wouldn’t have found them without her help
Jonah Winters (RMT)


I had never experienced a past life regression before but Marilyn helped me to feel at ease right away. The experience was very eye opening as I was able to meet my personal spirit guide. The sense of peace and protection that I felt from that meeting still stays with me and gives me comfort. I did receive guidance and clarity as to how to deal with my current health issues and how to best continue on my healing journey. I am thankful that a recording of the session was provided, and I found it interesting to hear myself providing me with guidance. Marilyn provided me with the time I needed during the session and even though I felt some very deep emotions during the session I always felt free to express them. I think anyone and everyone would benefit from this type of session no matter what their current life situation.
Thanks so much Marilyn I recommend you highly.
Kathy Upper, Spiritual Niagara


I have to say I was a slight bit skeptical about going for a past life regression but very open minded. I was only skeptical because I did not understand it. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!! Let’s start with the fact that Marilyn made me feel so welcome and at home, the environment is so calming and relaxing. Marilyn is a professional in her field! My past life regression was exhilarating and I had an ah ha moment in my past life regression, there were pieces of my puzzle that finally made sense. Now being able to see a big positive picture of who I am I can appreciate and use my gifts with better awareness while being confident in my power! Go see Marilyn right now and allow your life to transform and live in abundance!!!
Jamie H. St. Catharines, Ontario


I know I needed this, because despite or more likely because all these walls around me I am now breaking through. And now I know who really I am and this is a strong foundation I can rely on, which I can build on.
I would like to thank you that you not just listened, but you also heard me, understood me like no one else did before.
Meeting with my guides and Gabriel was the highlight of the session, and I am still in awe. Their conclusions meant a world for me.
These are my thoughts and emotions right now and I am open and waiting for their further messages, talking me through dreams, visions and people.
Thank you with all my heart for your loving help.
With all my love,
AS, Grimsby 

My Past Life Regression with Marilyn was beyond anything that ever I expected. She gently guides her client into the regression, the session was interesting and insightful. Many passions in my current life make total sense now. I highly recommend Marilyn for a Past Life Regression. I am a satisfied client : )

Susan K. St. Catharines, Ontario


What I saw and felt was so amazingly powerful and full of vast knowledge. I felt like I had access to all the information in the world, and yet it was also very humbling at the same time. Talking to beings so much more intelligent than we are makes you feel like just a small but somehow very important link in the cosmic scheme of things.

Sandra G. Waterloo, Ontario


This regression is the most amazing and validating experience I have had to date. I have never had such clear information and discussions with a spirit guide to get answers to some long term questions I have had regarding my purpose and my current life relationships and behaviors.

Sally C. Kitchener, Ontario


The essence of her touch, for me, is about deep spiritual awakening. This is where her true healing lies, as a guide toward love.
Noah H. Toronto, Ontario


I have carried negative baggage around for too long. With Marilyn, I have been able to deal with my issues in a positive light. I feel very grounded and protected after a session with her.
Cathy E. Burlington, Ontario