Past Life Regression through hypnosis allows you to access the memory of past lives and of when you existed as spirit in between those past lives. When you enter the earth plane, you begin to believe that you are the body and cease to remember that you are a soul, resulting in the vibration of fear and acting on baser frequencies. Regressions help you to remember your separation from Source, empowering you, solidifying your beliefs and raising your vibration to higher levels.

A past life regression is a regression where you will remember past lives. Your soul is vast and goes well beyond any one personality, but all of your past life experiences are a part of your evolution as a soul. By gaining a better understanding of the immortality of the human soul and karma, personal challenges become growth potentials which empower you with a greater sense of purpose in your current life.

A between lives soul regression includes a past life regression to the death scene and beyond into the spirit realm, where you experience yourself as spirit rather than who you were in various incarnations. During this experience, you function in body and in the spirit realm simultaneously. You have access to eternal knowledge of who you truly are; pure spirit.

A hypnotic state is reached through a natural state of relaxation, which allows you to access information beyond your current life. All regression hypnotherapy is therapeutic*, kind of like therapy for your soul, benefiting your current life by releasing energetic and unconscious remnants of past lives.


*Regression is only one way to find purpose and healing, however, it is the way that is often overlooked. This work is not meant to replace the advice of your physician, psychotherapist or any healthcare professional.